Session #9 Oscar Isaac

Sweet Lady Death is written by Bob Johnson and Oscar Isaac. Bob writes fascinating poetry under a bunch of different pseudonyms (Grady McShane, Niall Rasputin). Bob and Oscar played in a ska band called the Worms when they were in high school in Miami. Now Bob lives in a log cabin in Texas now and Oscar is on the road most of the time. Still they manage to do collaborations long distance and for that we can be very grateful. A personal favorite of mine this year is this uplifting tune called “Sweet Lady Death”. Painfully good.


link to more from Oscar and Nightlab:






One Comment on “Session #9 Oscar Isaac

  1. Love the song, sounds familiar even though i obviously never heard it. Bob’s pseudonyms crack me up ;-) it shows his sense of humour. Thanks to both of them for their music and to you for sharing it with us :-)

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