Session #10 – Ryan Cassata

Ryan and I have been on a long road together. I made my first feature doc about him called “Songs for Alexis” so he is very used to me pointing a camera at him, at all kinds of crazy moments. So he was obviously keen to go make a staircase session also. The loudest one yet. I love it.
Ryan and I travelled around with we did press for the film and Ryan performed in many different States and countries. It was amazing and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have been able to document this little powerhouse!
A long life ahead of this guy with much more music and hopefully not with too many more heartbreaks. But what would life be without them. Gonna quote Ryan’s old teacher Dave here who said “you need heartbreak, otherwise your music becomes shit”. True that Dave!
Twitter – @ROCassataMusic

trailer to the film “Songs for Alexis” Ryan and I filmed that premiered this year

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