Session #8 – Ane Trolle feat. Stine Grøn

feat Stine Grøn – “A 100 people” location COPENHAGEN
song “A 100 People”
Music credit: lyrics & vocal Ane Trolle
Omnicord and choir: Stine Grøn -
location: Gammel Kongevej
date Feb 2014

A Sunday afternoon with Ane and Stine in a busy staircase in a dusty grey Copenhagen. Back home for a brief visit and happy to do my first staircase session here with these two ladies. Since Ane lives in a small house without stairs she chose this location as it houses friends on several floors and we have both frequented this place often. It was a small miracle that we got this take undisturbed as the day provided a constant flow of people, one floor moving all their furniture out simultaneously.

Ane about the song:
“A 100 People is about many things, but first of all i guess it´s about having too many thoughts rumbling around in your head. I also got inspired by the fact that the human mind can´t keep up with more than a 100 people at a time. The verses are more about letting go, running out the backdoor with someone close to you, going for the moment. While i wrote the song I thought about a cowboy riding into the wild on the back of his beloved horse, sleeping by the fireplace, going on adventure.”

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Produced by Peter Leth

Thank you,
CIBO and ANDERS for space, tea and camera

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