About Staircase Sessions

It begun during the winter of 2013, when Oscar, Bruce (see Staircase session #1) and I were playing around with a camera and some guitars. We ended up in the staircase for the simple reason that the acoustics were far better out there than in the living room. Not the easiest environment to create beauty but a good challenge to explore the rawness of the performances.

I continue capturing these sessions as I love the simplicity and the magic that happens within this confined space. There are no rules. I let the level of intimacy and tone be determined by my relationship to the performers and the spontaneity of the moment. Each session becomes a mini collaboration between us.

The Staircase Sessions has become an expanding collection of small unpolished portraits of great sounding moments.

It is my hope and ambition to create an expansive library of musicians from around the world sharing their music and their staircase with us.