Tzlil Danin and Maysa Daw SESSION #13 in NYC

Maysa is from Palestine and Tzlil from Israel. The two ladies met in the artist’s guesthouse YAFFO CREATIVE in Jaffa, Tel Aviv where Tzlil were living and working at the time.
“Maysa had a show there one night, as part of a local living room festival. when I heard her sing I had a crush” Tzlil explains.
Later on they became friends and Maysa became a strong part of the artist community and the two talented ladies began collaborating. In 2016 they were invited to give workshops to Palestinian and Jewish kids in a camp in Maine, US. “We spent a week together and our crush became a creative love story” says Tzlil. “During this time I wrote a new song and shared it with Maysa, who brought her voice into it”.

The song’s title translates to ‘Ancient game’, it is about a romantic relationship batteling post-war trauma. “A condition that seems to be part of every middle-eastern relationship” says Tzlil.

Ancient Game is written and composed by Tzlil Danin

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